About Us

About Us

Welcome to Maori !

Originally, we were a wholeseller. However, we have been thinking we need to
make a new type of chinaware,that can be used daily, of course, and still not
one that was produced mechanically. We'd like people to use a chinaware that
can afford pleasure and warmth every day.
We have working to gather that kind of chinaware from different parts of Japan,
and we have asked many artists to make what we want.
It is quite difficult to do that work, because it costs more if we ask artist to make
chinaware we want. It has been a trial and error.
Talking about our brand name 'MAORI', it comes from Maori tribe, as you imagine.
I was fascinated by their way of living their life through a happening of meeting
two girls on a ferry in Auckland.
Now I have been working with it, and am very proud to be a member of 1% For The
Planet. We are all local citizens of this globe, and we have to keep our home clean
and beautiful as it is.
I'd like to hear from all our visitors to let me know what you think of our chinaware
and foods that are also kind to earth and people.

Again, a very warm welcome,
Taro Hori

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